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Why XtremePapers?

Founded in 2008, XtremePapers is one of the best educational resource site for students. With more than a hundred thousand resources at the disposal of a button and more than 25 million monthly pageviews, XtremePapers is the biggest site providing resources for students. Furthermore, we have an engaging community where members share notes, discuss exam papers and plan their future. Our primary audience includes students aged between 15 and 24 followed by population aged between 25 and 44. This audience includes nearly equal number of males and females. XtremePapers is also popular amongst bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.

Site Advertising Opportunities

XtremePapers offers a variety of advertising zones that may be purchased by CPM. Below is our advertisment maps for all zones that we currently offer:

Sponsorships and Direct Ads

For advertising opportunities or for upcoming sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Advertising Department via email.


What does CPM mean?

CPM stands for cost per mille (that’s Latin for one thousand). It’s the price that the advertiser needs to pay for their ad to be displayed one thousand times. For example, buying 100,000 impressions at a $1 CPM would cost $100. The impressions that are purchased can run for any scheduled length of time and the total amount of impressions will be displayed evenly over the life of the campaign.

How can I pay for campaigns?

Campaigns can be paid for by credit card, or via invoice where you can pay by check, bank transfer, or PayPal.

What types of creative can I use for campaigns?

You can use static images as well as flash creatives. Supported file types are JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF and SWF.

Can I cancel an order once it starts running?

Once an order is created and approved, it’s a guaranteed order that can not usually be canceled. If you’re in a pinch and need an order canceled, let us know and we’ll help you figure out the best option that’s available.

Can I change my campaign creative once it starts running?

You can update your creative as many times as you want from your dashboard once it’s running, but it will need to be re-approved before it goes live again.

Can I buy CPA or CPC campaigns?

No, the only pricing options that we offer at this time are CPM.

Can my ads be geo-targetted ? (delivered to only certain countries/regions)

If you need to do specific targeting let us know and we can help with that. From the dashboard, there isn't an option to do targeting there, since some targeting can be complex, we'd rather chat with you and discuss the best options for your campaign.

Is there a contract somewhere?

I’m happy to say that there are no contracts that need to be signed and advertisers are never locked into any type of binding agreement. Advertisers can find, buy and manage their campaigns quickly and easily and there’s never any paperwork that gets in the way. All of the campaigns are guaranteed once approved, but there aren’t any contracts to deal with.

How do I sign up for an advertising account?

That is the beauty of using XtremePapers Advertising – you don’t need to sign up! :)
We didn’t believe you’d want to have another “account” if you decided to not buy.
What we did was make it super simple. Once you actually make a purchase, and as you check out, you’ll put in an email address.
That email address becomes your login ID, and once you complete the purchase process, we sign you up.
You’ll receive an email with your password that we generate for you. Once you have that email and generated password, you can then login/sign in to your dashboard to track how your ad campaign is doing.
No need for an account unless you buy something, and need to track it, right?