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But here's what the experts recommend to those who are struggling to get to sleep.

Discussion in 'Others' started by Frances Jude, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Tips for a peaceful sleep

    But here's what the experts recommend to those who are struggling to get to sleep. The old remedies of counting sheep and have a glass of milk before going to sleep are secondary to the fundamental rule to regulate the sleep-wake cycle: going to bed every night at the same time and not go to bed unless it needs sleep.

    "Even the comfort of the bed and the pillow and a bedroom silent - explains Fins - play an important role on the quality of sleep. They also help in some things in the diet, avoiding stimulants (coffee and tea) or alcohol in large amounts and, especially in the evening, do not take heavy food at dinner (elaborate dishes, red meat, animal fats and fried). Finally, a moderate and Sprayable Sleep regular physical activity, especially in the afternoon, promotes a better night's sleep. "

    Only as a last resort, if these suggestions are not sufficient to solve the problem, you can even think to ask for outside help that does not necessarily involve the use of drugs. "Even in addressing the problems to rest well - he concludes Fins - are more and more Italians which emphasize 'soft', trying, when the condition makes it possible, not to use drugs. All as part of one of the most powerful current trend towards an approach that 'sweet', not aggressive, that privileges natural substances ".

    In almost all forms of the character is the presence of different sleep disorders. However, some problems have been associated with high rates of Parasomnias and sleep disruption.

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