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Does P1 and S1 exam always curve down ?

Discussion in 'International A And AS Level' started by luckypyz, Jan 10, 2019 at 3:06 PM.

  1. luckypyz


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    I had taken the retake of P1and S1 exam, and the result released today, but I only get 79%.That's ridiculous ! After exam I check my answer with my friends, and I almost get all the answer right. I thought maybe I will managed to achieve 93%, but the true result deviate soo much. Maybe it curve down. Many of my classmates also didn't get the score they excepted. I'm from China mainland, my teacher said that many Chinese students are really good at Math, so the result is too high, and CIE official have to curve down. Is that true ? If it is true, it's unfair for the students who are not so good at math like me. :(

    I don't get the score I excepted. That is to say, I have to retake the exam P1 and S1 AGAIN !!!! P1 is ok, because we also use all the method and concepts in P3 which is I still learning so I never forget it , but S1, I have to start from the beginning because lots of things are forgotted . In May and June, I have to take all the subject I learn for the CIE exam for AS which is extremely important. If I spend time on P1 and S1, maybe I will not have enough time to concentrate well on other subjects and affect other subjects grade.

    I am really upset now, because of this I almost don't do anything today and cannot concentrate in class and study

    Sorry for bad English, maybe a lot of grammar mistake
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