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My life is at the last hault. No admissions anywhere.

Discussion in 'General University Discussion' started by psychiatrist, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. psychiatrist


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    Hello guys, I cleared my As and A levels with 4 subjects in november 2016 session I got AABD in physics, chemistry, math and english reapectively. I stay in India, due to heavy loss in my dads buisness I cant pay huge fees styduing anywhere. I am already 20. I dont know what to do as I just had 4 subjects in A levels I am not eligible to study in Indian universities nor I have tht much money to go abroad and study.. what should i do?? My life sucks.. really it does. I have no clue what will I be doing now with my life. I want to do space science course and contribute something in the world of cosmology...

    Plz suggest me what should i do????

    linkinpark see to it bro
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  3. linkinpark


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    Hello sir. I am so sorry to hear about your condition and can understand what you're going through.
    Why are you not eligible to study in the indian universities? is it because of the D grade? Can't you just repeat it?
    I don't know your exact circumstances but you should reach out to some organization that gives financial aid or scholarships to the needy. Your A level result is really good! Most universities only consider your three primary subjects when they give a conditional offer so you're good for that.
    Now again, I don't know your problems but from what you've told me, all you can do is to apply to some NGO for their need-based programme and hope for the best. Otherwise a lot of universities have their own Financial Aid programmes. If you want to study in Pakistan (assumed) then again you can look at NGOs like Karwan e Ilm etc. Or you can take study loans but that's when you're accepted at some place but you're saying you're not eligible for that in India.

    Well, if you also can't even come to Pakistan or go abroad then for time being I suggest you get yourself enrolled into some online courses of graphics designing, coding, website designing etc. There are tonnes of courses available on youtube, coursera, edX, udemy and once you have good skills, you can start freelancing to earn some money, save it for your education and contribute to family too if you can. Please don't waste your time getting stressed out, it won't do any good. Instead use the time and learn some skills. If you're already good at any of the aforementioned things, you can go straight to freelancer.com, elance.com, fiverr.com, peopleperhour.com and so many more and start building a profile.
    I hope this was helpful.

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