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Need urgent help!

Discussion in 'CIE' started by Ronaldo433, May 23, 2018.

  1. Ronaldo433


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    so today i was reprimanded by a invigilator for talking in olevels Physics p1 and p2. do note that it happened after all examination was done with and candidates were waiting for the hall to be evacuated. so an invigilator reprimanded a guy from my class and took him for writing a application. bothered by it i asked a nearby fellow why he was being taken away and at that instant the invigilator who took the guy with him was returning and saw me talking. the invigilator was not assigned to us and was about 10m to 15m away at that time when he saw me. in a brisk manner he walked to ward me all the while smiling in a very sarcastic way and took my Statement Of Entry and sarcastically told me, i quote, "app bhi aa jao". and when i followed him he told me to sit and another invigilator (who wore a blue jacket) handed me a application form.i asked him why i was writing the application and he told me for talking even after a invigilator told me repeatedly to stop. i didnt write the application and after some pleas he told me it was my last warning and wrote down my details(candid no. centre etc) on the form and let me go. i asked him if he would forward the application he said NO. you should note that there were option for why i the application was written and the invigilator had encircled the Malpractice option instead of the Misconduct and the other option. when i went back to my seat , the invigilator assigned to our column, came to me as she saw me all tensed and bothered and asked me what happened there. i told her that they have taken my details. when i was about to be to go out thr hall. she told me not to worry as she would handle it.

    i had a really amazing exam and i am expecting a A* in physics. i am very worried if it would affect my grade or would have any other consequence.
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