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What did I do wrong?: Why did Pakistan choose Urdu as it's national language in 1947? (7)

Discussion in 'Help, Ideas & Suggestions' started by shg670, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. shg670


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    Assalam Alaikum
    First of all I am new to xtremepapers so please excuse if I posted this in the wrong place.

    So, my teacher was taking a test of History Section 1 the other day, and this question came. I was very confident that my 7 Marks answer will be considered good, but my teacher just gave me 2/7.

    I prepared the answer from Niger Kelly's book, but still, she said that I have to state the 'importance' of my reasons

    The reasons I wrote were:
    • Urdu's long history (Mughal Empire, Sultans of Delhi, Muslim army reference)
    • Urdu's rich literary background (Amir Khusrao, Sir Syed, Aligarh, SWU's sons translating Quran into Urdu)
    • Most important reason: Urdu's association with Pakistan movement (Quad-e-azam uniting force point, sir syed ahmed aligarh point, one of muslim league's aims were to protect urdu)
    The answer I wrote was:
    There were many reasons why Urdu was chosen as the National Language.

    One reasons is due to Urdu's long history. Urdu use dates back to the Mughal Empire and Sultans of Delhi. We know that early on, muslims armies used to have a common language to communicate with people in different areas, we now know that language was the early form of Urdu.

    Another reason is due to it's rich literary background. Amir Khusrao helped promote Urdu, by his literature. Sir Syed's school of Aligarh also promoted Urdu. SWU's sons, also translated the Quran from Persian into Urdu.

    Perhaps the most important reason was due to it's association with Sir Syed's Pakistan movement. Urdu was supported by Sir Syed. One of Muslim league's objectives was to protect and promote Urdu, Quad-e-Azam considered Urdu to be a unifying force during the struggle for independence,.
    It is natural that a language that was closely associated with Indian Muslims' struggle to indepedance and a language with a long history and a rich literary background was selected.

    Now I know it isn't perfect, but isn't 2/7 for this answer a bit too low, or am I just overestimating my abilities ?Please tell me what I wrote wrong and how can I better it
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  3. shamaiell


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    i think 2/7 is too low for this answer,You have correctly describe three reasons and explained them.However this answer could have been written like this too

    Urdu was closely associated with Pakistan movement throughout its struggle with Hindus and British.Main leaders such as Quaid-Azam, Liaquat Ali khan and many others made speeches in Urdu during the independence movement. SSAK too supported Urdu in 1867 Hindi-Urdu Controversy so it was natural that the language which was used throughout the struggle for independence will be chosen as national language.

    And then other reasons, Yous should try to explain the reasons rather than just listing them, and my suggestion just dont stick to Nigel kelly's book.

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