Get Involved with XtremePapers

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the XtremePapers project!

Contributing gives you:

There are several areas in which you can provide assistance, listed below.

Spread the word

Help get the word out about XtremePapers! Put your graphic design skills or marketing savvy to work in promoting XtremePapers and spreading the word!


XtremePapers thrives on user contributions, in the form of both contributed resources and ammendments to the current articles. Helping out in development helps the project move forward and stay competitive. You can help improve XtremePapers resources and provide a valuable resource to the community.

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User support

Even the most gifted XtremePapers Community members were new once, and chances are someone has helped you at some point along the way. No matter your skill level, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users needing support. It's a nice thing to do, and who knows? You might learn something, too!

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Design and Usability

Have an eye for design? Live and breathe HTML and CSS? Contribute your knowledge to XtremePapers!

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